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Updated at August 08, 2018

Apple want's you to develop the most powerful apps in the simplest syntax as possible. So how does Apple treat concurrency? This article takes a look at Grand Central Dispatch, the foundation of concurrency in Swift. MORE

Updated at August 05, 2018

Traditional way of adding cornerRadius to UI components risks sacrificing performance due to offscreen rendering. This article presents a more efficient way to draw cornerRadius. MORE

Updated at August 02, 2018

Texture (a.k.a AsyncDisplayKit) is an iOS framework for building smooth and responsive UI. Though mature, it is a little daunting to first-time users. This article aims to give a gentle introduction. MORE

Updated at July 30, 2018

Concurrency is a big, useful, but confusing topic. How should we understand concurrency? What is async? What is multithreading? Where do threads come from? This article aims to answer these questions. MORE